Would these methods help reduce poverty in the US?

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    Please read them all. I know it’s a lot. Would these methods help reduce poverty in the US? Why or why not?
    1. Start teaching economics in 5th grade in high poverty/working class schools.
    2. Make sure schools spend the $ on students not superfluous things such as giant pools, extended parking lots, new administration buildings (while school itself is in horrible condition), private jets for superintendents, and staff meetings in Orlando in luxurious hotels.
    3. Make sure all high poverty schools have at least 2 counselors.
    4. Crack down on drug addicts in the middle-upper class suburbs. Majority of meth, crack, and heroin users are middle-upper class Whites, but instead of prisons focus on counseling.
    5. Spend more money on education for the poor than on prisons. More $ means less dropouts, and less drug dealers. It really isn’t about more $ actually, but re-designing the school system, using the $ already there in a better way.
    6. Copy Finland’s policy. Any student who does not go to college or military is mandated to do 2 years of trade school. They can do 2 years of electrical work or 1 yr. of beauty school, 1 yr. of electrical work, etc. In Finland this has created an extremely low unemployment rate, an almost non-existent crime rate, and plenty of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. who can support a family.
    7. Crack down on unequal housing. Real estate companies who charge Black and Hispanic families more for a house than Whites.
    8. Give cities grants to knock down abandoned buildings/homes and place in green areas, gardens, playgrounds, etc. Up to community to upkeep the grounds.
    9. Teach in all schools about environmentalism and how to save energy (saves $).
    10. Crack down on loan sharks.
    11. Start paying back African-Americans reparations. Let the Black community decide how to use the money.
    12. Start paying back women reparations, more going to Black women as they are paid the least in unequal pay. Since 1984-2005 due to unequal pay women are owed $300 billion dollars.
    13. Sign the 1923 Equal Employment act and crack down on businesses who give unequal pay to women.
    14. Start paying more attention to rural poverty.
    Not everyone is college material. I think trade schools should open again : )
    Sam: a White high school graduate male makes more money than a Black male with a bachelor’s degree.
    Yes, people need to stop living above their means. We brought this poor economy upon ourselves.
    I forgot to mention any reparations would not be payed by tax payers. Also, the US govt has given reparations to Asian Americans and Native Americans. Why not African Americans and Women?
    Witchy. Absolutely loved reading your answers. As a teacher, I know exactly what you mean. I believe in holding students back if they have not learned the basics. I believe we also need to not put highly disruptive/violent children in the classroom (such as chair throwers) in the room with other children. They literally scare the other kids.
    We also need to fire teachers who sit in rubber rooms, the ones who have committed a crime. I feel the teachers’ union is far too strong and no longer about the kids.
    Anyway, your reply was very informative.
    Reparations to Black people would be not just about slavery. However, you brought up a good pt. What about Black people who just came here from Africa? There are a lot of Africans in my neighborhood. and more.

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