Women are more sexually selfish than men?

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    1.Are there women who desire men just as men desire them?
    2.Are there women who give an equal amount of foreplay?
    3.Are there women who give as much pleasure as they take and bring their men to multiple orgasms through tantra or oral?
    4.Are there women who don’t put their pleasure first? It seems women get to relax and let go while men have to worry about their woman.
    5.Are there women who initiate sex as much as their man initiates?
    6.Are there women who do as much work during sex as the man? Do they work even when a man is on top the way a man would work when a woman is on top?
    7.Are there women who fulfill their men’s fantasies just as much as he fulfills theirs?
    8.Are there women who don’t use sex as a control mechanism?
    Men are more selfless and proactive. Women are selfish and reactive.
    “As much as I would like to disagree with you I have to admit this is a mostly accurate statement, I’m sure there are women out there who are not so selfish….and maybe that comes with age I’m only 25 so I’m not quite seasoned yet. But from my experience this is fairly true”
    Men give MORE stimulation. Men give MORE foreplay.
    “It may be true to a certain degree due to anatomy (women need more stimulation/foreplay),”
    “When she peers into the giant forest, Chivers told me, she considers the possibility that along with what she called a “rudderless” system of reflexive physiological arousal, women’s system of desire, the cognitive domain of lust, is more receptive than aggressive. “One of the things I think about,” she said, “is the dyad formed by men and women. Certainly women are very sexual and have the capacity to be even more sexual than men, but one possibility is that instead of it being a go-out-there-and-get-it kind of sexuality, it’s more of a reactive process. If you have this dyad, and one part is pumped full of testosterone, is more interested in risk taking, is probably more aggressive, you’ve got a very strong motivational force. It wouldn’t make sense to have another similar force. You need something complementary. And I’ve often thought that there is something really powerful for women’s sexuality about being desired. That receptivity element. At some point I’d love to do a study that would look at that.””

    “The generally accepted therapeutic notion that, for women, incubating intimacy leads to better sex is, Meana told me, often misguided. “Really,” she said, “women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic” – it is dominated by the yearnings of “self-love,” by the wish to be the object of erotic admiration and sexual need. Still on the subject of narcissism, she talked about research indicating that, in comparison with men, women’s erotic fantasies center less on giving pleasure and more on getting it. “When it comes to desire,” she added, “women may be far less relational than men.””

    I know some people will justify that type of selfishness with gender differences but its the equivalent of saying its ok for men to be takers because women are givers.
    If women don’t desire men as much as vice versa are most women lesbians?

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