whats the point in opening chakras?

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    like does it make u have better health? and less stress?
    well. are there any other benifets? like. could u combine them and have powers and stuff/ (not like in naruto. cause that is greatly exaggerated)
    but i mean like.
    that Qi gong master. who started a newspaper on fire. using chi.
    well how do i learn to do that? or at least build up chakra/ki/chi/energy.
    and how do i learn to control it?
    i know how to open them. and i know what they mean. but how do i start. ‘playing’ with them. so i can learn for myself what they do.
    any exercises you have in mind?
    also if you dont know what your talking about do NOT answer. i know if u dont know what you are saying. EX. “put chakra in your hand. to heal yourself” load of crap. what chakra? why he hand?
    so just dont do it.
    I THOUGHT I TOLD U NOT TO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …… sigh……
    is there nobody who is smart enough to find me a link or anything?!
    or somebody who practices this stuff.
    i dont want to have to go into this all alone in the dark. (would take alot longer)

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