What is your opinion on Alien Abduction?

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    Before you answer, if you think UFOs are mythical and do not exist please don’t answer, my other question got flamed for that. Here’s my opinion to start you off: I think UFO Abductions are real, like I say to all my friends and family, I believe it, but it is hard to believe with all the real facts surrounding the people that give a damn about this stuff. One thing that makes me real sunk into the abductions are that they are all the same experiences with it, paralyzed in bed, sexual experiments, etc… I think that the government shouldn’t just blow off these people (which they are doing now). I mean c’mon, these stories I’ve heard are way too scary to be made up and when people tell you, it’s so ever detailed. There are only two things backing me of from belief, which I rarely think about, sleep paralysis, and people can’t remember it (a way to make up something so you won’t have to tell anyone). As you can see, I have a very strong opinion on this topic. Thanks for your opinions.

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