Those Incubus can pay a social call on other guys as well you know?

Forums Forum Those Incubus can pay a social call on other guys as well you know?

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    I had a visit once. Nasty thing it was. I though I was the only one but I saw some videos on youtube and other guys had them as well.
    I realise of course it’s sleep paralysis but I thought I was the only guy had a visit from the incubus male. Apparently not though.
    At first he snuggled up to me and held my hand. he talked in my ear with a guy voice but kinda scary. The he climbed on top of me and couldn’t get the weight off my chest.
    @ Athiest crybaby. No it’s nothing to do with that. Other guys have whatever their sexual orientations. Look on youtube. I thought I was the only one though.
    @ nobody. It’s not about kicks it’s true. Looks like I will have to get the links off youtube to confirm it.
    They could pay either of you a visit. You never know!
    Assaulted by an Incubus-The Walkden Twins

    @ Dr satan. I wouldn’t have minded so much but I got no kiss and it never even said goodbye. Damn thing just took advantage.
    @ Laura. Yes but it was only the once.
    @ Laura. You’re not able to move though or even speak. Your whole body is paralysed. It’s scary but it’s sleep paralysis.

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