Psychic abilities: Am I crazy/weird from knowing things or is this a sign of psychic powers?

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    Ok well can anyone please help me since i have no idea what this is, or if i’m just crazy or a weirdo:
    So.. (that I can REMEMBER!)
    Within the last 3 months or so this has been happening for example:
    -I was thinking of a song and then I hear it on the radio (with 2 songs)
    -Or when once at a final school assembly practice we had just done about 1hour of singing for practice and then the students where raving on how our school music teacher should sing a song, I i though “huh she should sing twinkle twinkle little star” just as a joke and then one of the other teacher said “Maybe she should sing something like twinkle twinkle little star!” and i was like WOW
    – Or when I was thinking about my best friend once for only about 3 sec she just popped into my mind since she was in the hospital for certain reasons, and then I get a call from her !
    – My mum was going to the movie store to rent out a movie and I asked her what she was going to get before she left, but about 2 sec before she said what she was going to get out i though of the same movie
    – I was talking to my mum and she told me about some person died 🙁 i didn’t know how the person died its just that “heart attack” popped up unto my mind. A few seconds after she said that the person died of a heart attack!
    – Most of the time its when people are talking and they say what I was thinking about 5 – 20 seconds ago
    But the thing is if I try and think of something happening it doesn’t work, but when my mind goes blank or when i’m not thinking “hey i might be psychic” IT HAPPENS!
    Please help me out since i don’t know what to do or even if i have psychic abilities, and if i do WHAT is this? But also its not constant like i might have 1 thing happen to me like this once every few of days. So I don’t quite know what to do! And also I thought a few times that this all must be a coincidence, but now its happened too many times for it all to be a coincidence.
    Please help me out 🙂

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