Need help from someone with vast spiritual, cultural and DREAM knowledge!?

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    I am a male boy who is undergoing self spiritual awarenes and wakening by using various techniques such as meditation, psychology, lucid dreaming, astral travel, various energy work etc. Etc. This has been happening for nearly 4 years and I’m becoming aware of the 2012 humanity ascension and soul shift (if it exists) I feel as if something has gone wrong somewhere along the line… Something I can’t put my finger on and I think the soul shift process has gone wrong is this possible? My heart chakra is very unstable and I know were battling ourselves for redemption, but can demons, deities, spirits whatever hide in our chakras or corrupt them?
    I had a dream a few years ago that has been on my mind since. Im walking up flights of stairs in a house, and I see a door slightly ajar, I can see someone through it. And really distresses me so I walk in and this person is smiling at me. I ask it “what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be” at this point I’m terrified and try to punch them my emotion of negativity behind the action has no effect on this malevolent being. I turn and run for the door where I entered, however paralysis spontaneously drains me. Now I’m screwed cus while I’m lying there staring out of the doorway hopelessly i can see the person in my peripheral vision fly towards me, very fast! In in a streaky ghostly fashion. It is then face to face with me, I rise up to my knees maybe even off the floor watching what it does next.. His/it’s mouth opens wide like a snake. And I swear to the good lord it feels like my soul, everything that makes me who and what I am is being sucked out of my chest so vivid is my memory to this day! As this process progresses the fear intensifies. And just at moment of breaking point I lift my arms up and the dream ends.. I awake to myself with my arms outstretched as if trying to battle what was happening in my dream, tears down my face, heavy breathing and a pile of crap in my pants. (metaphor)
    Strangely enough maybe because I was so frightened I have never been able to recall what the apparition looked like. Just a grey humanoid figure.
    Any theories or ideas much appreciated. Thanx

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