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    Is it just me or do you agree that is kind of gay that every time naruto gets a new powerful technique he is told not to use it? Like when shippuuden started. He sort of learned how to use the kyubee chakra and was told not to use because it harms him and might harm others. So all that training, all that juicy new power was sent to hell because his body gets harmed and because his body might give up on him for getting hurt and healing so much. Then, recently he just finished the fuuton-rasen shiruken and yet again, he is told not to use that power because he gets hurt every time he uses it. I understand they are great powers. but shouldn’t there be a way around to use them and not put him into such position? I mean like learn to throw the rasen shiruken or have a clon use it so that he doesnt get hurt. The kyubee’s power, sure it burns the crap out of him. But why not learn how to use it and control the power so that it doesn’t takes control of him and bursts out so uncontrollably that it burns him? Is it just me or the put too many handicaps on him?
    yeah well, how about bringing stronger ninjas againts him? What is he left with? shirukens and farts? I mean I kinda read the manga and I know he becomes strong and all, but it just seems lame the we wait so much for new techniques for him just to be told not to use them so suddenly.

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