Is it okay to paint your kitchen blue in feng shui?

Forums Forum Is it okay to paint your kitchen blue in feng shui?

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    We have a kitchen in the Northwest, not good for feng shui I know. But we were considering painting the kitchen a blue color, would that help? Is that an okay color to paint your kitchen?
    If you don’t believe in feng shui fine, I respect your opinion, please respect mine. If you don’t know the answer because you don’t believe in feng shui why do you bother answering the question? Are your lives so full of the negative you must be rude? How sad.
    There isn’t any digesting going on in our kitchen, we don’t eat in the kitchen. I didn’t say dining room or breakfast nook. I asked about the kitchen. Obviously I was trying to nuetralize the fire at heavens gate problem with having our kitchen in this area of the house.
    I would love some other responses about what they think if the blue symbalizing water would nuetralize the fire at heaving gate problem we have.
    Thank you in advance.

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