In the Buddha culture…why shave hair on heads ?

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    I’m spiritual, non-denominational. I’m gifting myself with the adventure of attending an overnight New Years retreat in the Bay Area ~ ~ We will be gathering with others at a Zen retreat and sharing meditation through the evening, at mid-night and awakening early for early morning meditation. I do meditate, yet not, as yet, to the deeper level that they do as at this Zen meditation center. We’re leaving to drive to the Bay Area this afternoon and looking forward to it.
    My question is this . . . I attended a half day meditation there some weeks back and noticed that some, including women, had their hair shaved off.
    Why do they do this.? I’m respecting of persons of all faiths and sometimes wonder why a person of a certain faith does something so, just wondering.
    Do you know why persons in the Buddha faith shave the hair on their head off? Appreciate insight.

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