Im a "natural aura" reader. Where do i go from there?

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    Ive been told time and time again that im a natural Aura reader….meaning i never had to “teach” myself. When I was younger i was told this, just never paid any attention. Now that im older, i wanna know more. Alot of my friends have taught themselves certain abilities. Now i can just look at someone and see thier energy, sometimes i can see color, sometimes i cant. I want to know how i can produce my energy and highten my aura reading abilities. Also i want to know what else i can do. I can control some minor things. Like telling things to stop moving, or to move. I can also make lights turn colors. I can make for ex, the heat turn off or on no matter what or where im at. Ive been told im causing to much attention to myself and im having ALOT of people worried about me. I also have a lot of things following me. Somedays it scares me sometimes it doesnt. The dreams are the worst. I want to know whats going on with me, what more i can do, how to make myself more powerful and how to protect myself. Ive been doing loads of research and im comming up blank. So lol someone help please!!!

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