Idk if im having sleep paralysis, possessed, ghosts ,or just going crazy.. help?

Forums Forum Idk if im having sleep paralysis, possessed, ghosts ,or just going crazy.. help?

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    Last nite before I went to bed I felt like something grabbed my ankles but I ignored it as it was late and I was exhausted. This morning I woke up to my alarm clock and went back to bed, as I woke up again I was laying on my stomach and I felt like i was being held down, I felt my bed shaking at first but then I felt like someone was holding medown and I thought It was my roommates, I heard a lighter be held to my anus and I though I was going to get raped or something. I then felt like they let me go and was frightened as ****. I googled right away what that could have been, it wasnt my roommates as my door was locked and this happened around 9 am or so. After googling and reading about random stuff like jynns and narcolepsy and stuff like that I fell asleep. I was awaken by a phone call and as I went back to sleep again i could feel my bed like moving in a weird way under me, like a snake movement and my eyes got heavier and heavier, It would go away as I tried to keep them open but soon enough I guess i passed out and I felt paralyzed once again and would try to stand up and felt like i was looking straight out of my eyes into my apartment, a horrible pain struck my back and when I snapped out of it I felt fine. What brings my attention to this is that its happenning in my bed my room and it seems so real, i dont know wtf is going on. I dont do drugs, I do drink on occassion, I have pissed off a crazy chick, I’m just an 18 year old college student.. can someone help or give suggestions on what I should do?
    i hear like a lighter be lit then i felt heat. it was weird and sick. the paralysis part was weird but read that it could be sleep paralysis and my spine was in pain while i was trying to get out of it but when i snapped out of whatever was going on I felt no pain, or like soreness.

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