I have alot of negative energy..i know its demons, ive seen ghosts and told the future .help me plea...

Forums Forum I have alot of negative energy..i know its demons, ive seen ghosts and told the future .help me please?

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    For the past 2 years i have had sleep paralysis…starting off not that frequent but then the last 6 months have been indescribably terrifying.
    The paralysis is getting physical. i feel ‘things’ stab me in the stomach, twist my wrists, and place my hands on my chest how you would lay someone in a coffin.
    At a friends house i was explaining to him about it all and we both saw 3 or 4 black shadows dart around the room and i got the most awful fear and we were sat on the bed and kept getting cold chills.
    I had a dream that my little brother was going to drown in the river, and when i woke up i instantly knew i had to tell him to stay away from water, but when my parents & dog went shopping on the sunday (my dream was on saturday) they went in food shopping and my brother took the dog for a walk by a river.
    He came home and told he went by a river and i shouted at him..next week i went back to the place he took the dog for a walk and it was INDENTICAL to my dream and i got deja vu.
    Ive had a few of these.
    Ive also known whats going to happen next on a few occasions, i don’t know how i just ‘knew’
    Does anyone have any views on what deja vu is?
    I get it frequently and i really think i have dreamt it.
    I have seen 3 ghosts in my life..a little boy..a little girl..and a evil man all at differnt points in my life.
    I also have body dysmorphia.
    I am a extremely smart young girl, doing my second year of a-level, gott A,A,B ..So im not going insane or anything
    PLEASE don’t bother answering if you tell me to see a psychiatrist or anything !!
    I have started praying which really really helps.
    my question is;
    Why is this happening to me?
    How can i stop it?
    How can get more positive energy ?
    What use can i make of this mess?
    Please help me..

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