I feel so lost and confused!! Please help me! On the verge of tears!?

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    i asked the question below earlier. please help me i really feel lost and confused!
    ok, there’s this rollerskating rink near my house and i go to it every friday from 7-11 and there’s this guy, Skylar, and hes one of my closest guy friends but im afraid he likes me!!! im really scared because i only like him as a friend. he touches me like all the time and every time he does it shocks me!! LITERALLY its soooo weird. and he tells me EVERYTHING!! and he follows me around a lot. but hes also a very friendly person, so i don’t know if he is just being nice or he likes me. what do you think?
    sorry this is long and hard to understand!!
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    it’s not like groping. its like a poke on the arm or something and like i said before its a shock. like seriously, not the emotion, the static electricity thing…
    2 hours ago
    omg! no i just listen to people’s problems he was telling me like how he felt. hes sooo sweet but karmas reeeaaallly mean to him. he has terrible luck but he just gives and gives and gives but he never get anything back. Ive made it clear that i like someone else and talk about it right in front of him.
    because i dont like him like THAT and it sucks because he likes me but hes so sweet i dont want to hurt him :[
    he hates his name lol
    how clear do i have to make this? I DO NOT LIKE HIM LIKE THAT. the only way i like him is as friends!!
    SEE!! YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO BAD!!! D’: your making me cry! like i said he’s always sooo nice. and they DO get screwed in the end!! but i cant help i dont like him!
    He IS rare. he actually cried in front of me! I love him, but like a brother, I m praying he acts like that around everyone :[

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