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I can't stop touching my neck…?

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    I have this weird thing that i think may be a phobia. I cant stop touching a certain part of my neck. It used to only happen when I would consciously think about it but now I do it unconsciously and I’ve had people point it out to me. Right now it’s hard for me to type this because I can’t stop touching that spot on my neck. I’ve had this problem for awhile and its starting to interfere with my school work.I can’t even stop when i’m in school. I fall asleep with my hands at my throat because the spot has to be touched. I’ve heard that it may be linked to my throat chakra and if it is I need to know why I do it. Is it a Phobia? Is it Spiritual? And if someone knows, how can I stop having this compulsive touching of my neck? I have no other symptoms of compulsiveness if it is linked to OCD. I am not obsessed with cleanliness I have no special habits no obsessive routines, just this constant need to touch my neck. If it may be linked to my past I have no recollections of dramatic events that would pretain to this. Its only been going on for about a year now. well maybe longer I dont rightly remember, but if anyone has any answers or any advice on how I could stop please help me. Because this obsession is starting to take control of my life.

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