How to be strong after the break-up?

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    I’m 24 now and my ex bf is turning 34 this august. He is already married but has no child but they adopted a child. When we are together he says that he left his wife becuase they almost quarrel and his wife always nags him.
    I accept him what kind of person he was. He want me to be nice to his family. In short, he is longning for a true love.We moved to a house and live like a husband and wife. On my side no one knows that we live together.Are relationship became happy for a year.I and his family became close. I almost meet his sisters and brothers, shared with them special moments.
    Until one time i noticed that he always went home drunk. I asked him why? but he answers me never mind, i just want to take my sleep.Being the gf i need answers.He became stubborn from time to time and me always asked him what his problem, but he don’t answer. Thats the time we start quarreling.
    On may behind, He text his first gf, they became textmate and had an afair. He always confines in his ex every time we quarrel. Until last december when he went home theny meet with his ex a have one night affair but still we’re together.Last february when he decided to live me. He instructed me to go to our house and he will move to other house near his office. He cheated me for 5 months.
    Now that we broke up i feel miserable for my self. I always asked myself what may the cause of our break-up. Until one time he texted me that the cause of our breakup is because i always nags him. For me its a problem that two person can talked to. Now, I felt being traited by them. I felt that karma strikes me fastly because I now he is married but still i go for having a relation with him.
    I always asked to myself do i deserve him, do i deserve to be dumped. Do they have conscience? Does my ex don’t felt any guilt what happened to us? with his wife? and know he has another girl that he consider his soulmate and destiny for 14 year?
    Please help me to clear my doubts.
    For me it not enough that we live in one house.Yes, we see each other every night but we don;t even talked what happened the rest

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