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    by Zero:

    What do you think of my philosophy on God, the Universe and consciousness?
    I can’t help but think we as conscious beings are God Itself manifested in different forms.
    We all know our thoughts create our reality. What we think today affects what will happen in our future. Ultimately creating and forming our enviorment according to the nature of all our accumulated thoughts combined.
    Our consciousness has always existed, and it has no limit.
    We are our own creator. We have the ability to give and heal our self of disease just by the state of our thoughts. We are God itself, and God is filled with never ending intelligence, though unaware of its full potential. Which is where our lives come in.
    It is what has allowed us to survive as a species (through evolution and physical time) and change accordingly to our enivorment through the years. Animals have the same ability, but are not on the same level as we. Not all humans are on the same level either.
    Conciousness is also what makes it possible for our bodies to survive independently without being connected to a direct energy source. When our bodies pass on, the energy that made up our conscious departes, and the physical matter and its energy gets recycled back into the enviorment to take on another form. Everything in existence you see today has always existed, but has changed form through energy.
    The Universe is Infinitite, and just like our bodies contain a never ending supply of live cells that hold all our emotions and thoughts that make up our body as a whole, our Universe is made of of billions upon billions of galaxies that contain a never ending supply of life and all its accumulated thoughts.
    I’m even wondering if then our universe is just like a cell to a higher intelligence….part of a never ending process.
    Ultimatley though, we are the Universe unfolding, growing, and discovering its own ability. Our concious is what made this all a reality in the first place, and it can never be destroyed.
    All thoughts welcomed

    Answer by aeiou_11375
    Your philosophy is wrong since yo believe a god exists.

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