Energy field tips to prevent psychic attacks from energy vampires/stealers…..?

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    I’m starting to become more aware of how sincitive I am to things around me. It’s to the point when I can, now more easilty/naturally than before, discern quickly people who are sensitive… I’m trying to be more accurate of whom I chose to telecommunicate my energy with. Sometimes when I see a girl who I may be attracted to and I try to sense that persons energy……depending on whether I get the vibe or not that they has an ego problem or thinks that she can take my energy…..instead of playing games of I steal yours in defense of you stealing mine, b/c you sensed me….I would rather chose to be more respectful and fight the urge to be aware of them. I’m noticing I have a better control over my urge…..but because I’m sensitive to different energies…..sometimes I cant help but still be aware of them…..which I honestly think puts me at a disadvantage of protecting myself against more capable or stronger intuites energies.
    One sign that I believe is helping me to figure out whether or not I’m successfully blocking outside energies… by hearing it. I say this b/c there have been other women that have sensed my intentions to be open to sharing energy…..but in order to be safe…they put up a shield…..I would respect it….but was still fascinated by noticing that I could hear it/notice it more often.
    It sounds like an orb/whiffle bat pulsation. Almost like I can hear the pulse of the energy pattern rubbing against my ear. I also notice that if I pay more attention to my awareness of myseld and not other people or their energy…..I have more control over feeling that persons energy pulsation rubbing against my body on the side that the person is on……as opposed to accidentally recognizing it at random……that was another question I considered in successfully blocking energy invaders or being more capable of being able to block myself off from others energies.
    I was wanting to ask anyone who is willing to share insight into their gifts…..I would return the favor and keep contact with you to share my gifts/knowledge.
    I also know another girl who is in my college tai-chi course…..I can sense it and without knowing…..just discern people who are and aren’t sensitive…..but my gift is feeling it with my ears…almost like my ears are extraordinarily sensitive……but this girl in my class…….she openly admitted to everyone that she could see peoples auras. She told the class the color of our tai-chi teachers aura….everyone was found it pichiliar, but still a little hard to believe. I knew from day one that it was very likely that she was sensitive. She also said she saw ghosts while driving on the highway…..which was
    I’ll be sure to check back for people who know what I’m talking about…..for others who wanna talk ish……I don’t care just leave an answer and duece yourself.

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