Does God learn, and if he does where did he learn how to create this universe?

Forums Forum Does God learn, and if he does where did he learn how to create this universe?

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    God is a sapient, intelligent being, right? And he created things out of nothingness. What really just bugs me is this: If God is sapient created all the laws that we have learned where did God learn on how to create said laws? If Monotheism is right, where did God learn on how to create the universe out of Nothing, without help from fellow Gods? Where did he get the ideas of mathematical equations and languages we are using today? Science already has the closest concept for God: Energy. However Energy is randomly unconscious, frequently interfering with itself and not sapient. If Energy is Sapient then where did Energy learn on how to create matter? Surely he had to learn how to create a universe from a fellow God in a transcendent world (not Heaven, but something like Earth) like a writer would learn how to create his own fictional universe with help from fellow writers. Some of you might say God is really Consciousness which knows the laws of the universe before it was created, but I have read the Bible and it seems he is still learning, modifying the brutal laws of the Old Testament to the hippie advices of the New Testament and vice versa (Dark Ages to Enlightenment to Fundamentalism to Atheism and so on). Sounds like God is still learning from the universe (or his own universe, or with help from other Gods) to me, or he’s just insane, but still insanity has to come from genetic factors, environmental influences and social interaction, not a vacuum. According to Evolution a being like God must evolve from other beings that predate him, through experience, learning and adaptation. You might say bacteria did it, but bacteria are series of countless individual beings which evolved from carbon capsules (viruses) and interacts with each other, and oh, bacteria doesn’t possess sapience because if it does then it will just declare world war against humanity for killing them with our antibiotics, a war which we cannot win. According to the Tabula Rasa sapience or knowledge must come from experience and perception, and individuals are born without built-in mental content, so if we apply the Tabula Rasa to God, then God should turn out as an imbecile beyond imagining due to not being taught by other Gods (Lovecraft’s Blind Idiot God is more descriptive for God if that’s the case, but it’s also logical, the Lovecraftian pantheon is at least polytheistic). Polytheism sounds like a more logical explanation, with Gods learning and evolving through interaction with each other and their titan ancestors (Even Greeks believe that many imperfect Gods are more rational than a single Mary Sue creating everything out of nothing yet still manages to possess sapience). Maybe God is a time traveler, who traveled to the time of the Big Bang after humanity learned on how to reverse the Second Law of Thermodynamics in the distant future, but still the science must have come from the originators, human interaction with said time traveler. Maybe he is a Collective Unconscious or Akashic Record, containing the unconscious laws, archetypes and memories of the universe, but as a record of archetypes, instincts and memories that still that has to come from sapient individual life learning through interaction with each other in their own planet, very much like the Freudian unconscious but on a cosmic scale, and the Collective Unconscious is, unconscious. Maybe Pantheism is right, God is Nature and created things out of itself, but as depicted in the Bible, psychology, and earlier statements beings God possesses behavioral / emotional intelligence and has to learn how to evolve and manipulate his behavior through interaction with a fellow God in a specific environment, and the best environment for a God to learn is polytheistic environments, in other words through Other Gods and the Multiverse. Where the f*** did God learn how to create the universe “out of nothing”?
    I’m not offending Christians or playing pseudo-psychology against God, I still support existences of Gods, but I lost faith in Monotheism because of this question.

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