Does 2012 anticipation conflict with Creationist belief?

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    As a Christian, I do believe we’re still living somewhere after being put in the ground. But as rapid technological advances are made, there are questions without answer in the bible (at least that I know of).
    I believe Jesus Christ came to this earth and taught a way of living to prepare ourselves for eternity. But looking through history of the earth using scientific discoveries, I see our eternity as more of an evolving change to being with the One.
    I can’t think that a mistake on this earth no matter how bad it was could lead you to an ENTERNITY of hell. Whether you learned how to be saved, or had no teaching of a savior was dependent upon your culture.
    It seems to be that all major earthly religions tell the same stories of earth’s history, and they seem to all lead us in the same direction. Whether we pray to God in one name or another, we seem to be taught the Golden Rule style of life.
    “Do onto others as you would have done onto you.”
    I accept Jesus as my savior, but cannot see those who haven’t had that teaching being condemned for eternity. We were God given an innate knowledge of right and wrong, and I think those who do not seek truth are those who are lost.
    So does a consciousness shift conflict with traditional religious beliefs, or is that part of God’s plan? I believe 2012 has a historical, scientific, and spiritual meaning toward the advancement of creation.
    It’s hard to refute belief in evolution based just upon fossil records and scientific achievement. I hold true to my Christian beliefs, but as Jesus spoke in parables, I believe that much of biblical creation was told in parable to early man so he could comprehend it.
    After all, this earth has been here 4.6 billion years. In the last 11,000 years we only began to have spoken language. 4,000 years later, we had written language. Time is speeding up, there is a cosmological force that brought us to where we are now.
    I feel the galactic alignment will have a huge impact on this earth, whether it’s a polar shift, or shift of consciousness is yet to be known. Posing this question was a way for me to formulate my beliefs and seems contradictory even to myself. I hope to spark discussion.

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