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    Meaning something other than you who thinks, feels, desires, loves….you. That which we call God is outside of time, and therefore does not engage in the temporal process of thought. No thought, no perception. No perception, no desire. There is no personal God……
    For those who are still with me, God is one of the many names we give to the Source of Conscious thought and feeling, and so this Source does not think or feel. It’s the Source of the illusion of time and space, and therefore does not exist in time/space. Rather, consciousness, thought, feeling, time, space, the entire physical illusion exists within this Source, much the way dreamscapes arise within your own mind and are never other than the functioning of our own minds.
    This God fulfils many ego needs and is also a part of the believer’s spiritual process, but there is no God ‘out there’, there is only You dreaming a dream of otherness, seeking to know yourSelf.
    Enjoy the dream and be kind to yourself.

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