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Did you know the rite of baptism is pagan in origin?

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    Baptism is a common Christian practice; the definition for the word baptism is “a rite of washing with water as a sign of religious purification and consecration.”
    The normal tools used in the baptism ritual are. Usually white Candles depending on setting, a cross, an alter, and a baptismal font (the one I was baptized in was wooden with a cross on top) The priest/minister usually blesses the water, and then recites some words depending on the denomination they can vary. The person is usually then considered born again.
    The right of baptism STOLEN!
    The rite of baptism is of pagan origin.
    In ancient history, the Greek historain Plutarch tells us that the rites of
    Mithras were being practiced in Cilicia in 67BC.
    That is just about 100 years before Christianity started.
    In MITHRAISM – There were ceremonies where spiritual purification was believed to come from sprinkling (or like in other brances of Christianity drenching) of the person was baptised with bulls blood or rams blood. This purification meant the person was born again. (also found in eastern idea of spiritual transformation, through “the toungs of fire” or Kundalini and the person is born again or spiritually transformed (this is where the Church gets baptism of the holy spirit from some Christian mystics will say this too)
    The faithful called Mithras (REMEMBER, 4000 years ago!) “the Light of the World”, and a symbol of truth, justice, and loyalty. He was mediator between heaven and earth and was a member of a Holy Trinity, In Ancient persian Culture. These people were born again followers of him when baptised. SOUND FAMILIAR.

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