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    the path that you have taken.
    the path was clear,
    what is right, and what is wrong
    yet you were blind,
    you took the wrong turns…
    in order to gain something, u lost it all.
    you may cry,
    you may repent,
    but what you did left a scar forever….
    on the hearts of those who loved you…
    now you live without love, respect and dignity..
    is that any living at all?
    is there any peace at all?
    you lost it all, my friend..
    only for a social crime…
    are you happy now?
    what goes around comes around….
    may the forces of karma befall your destiny…
    dont ask for forgiveness, or acceptance…
    after all its the path you chose to persue.
    the path leading to who knows where….
    made you lose it all on the way.

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