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    Many times before I gave my hand,
    Reaching out, but you deny.
    I can’t fly,
    Not like lions in the wind.
    So take me to another land.
    Help; I called before,
    can you conjure up a spell?
    Where’s your book,
    a glimpse it took,
    and send me deep in hell.
    If I were in the pages,
    which I’m not, so don’t bother me.
    Flip the page, where am I?
    No where, as you can see.
    I’m just the misprint in life,
    a mistake that doesn’t belong.
    And the song you gave me once to sing,
    I sung it wrong, so very wrong.
    Of course I’m getting dizzy,
    Whys this room feeling so hot?
    As the peering eyes do shoot at me,
    I wish I was, what I am not.
    I’m not so casted out,
    Just simply shouldn’t be here.
    So wave your magic wand my friend..
    Hocus pocus… I disappear.
    Let me vanish under stones..
    with R.I.P at the bases.
    Let me wander like a ghost,
    I do see familiar faces.
    It’s not wrong to let me go,
    for the people who noticed my grief.
    I’m just haunting the book of life,
    in sadness, but relief.
    I was always invisible,
    not that it matters to this day.
    Anyway, I show my sudden claw.
    And as a baby, I once did crawl.
    Time awaited in the veins,
    last breath,
    I went insane.
    The invisible me you fear,
    as a little girl went crystal clear.

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